MSME Registration

Small Scale Industries (SSI) or Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) is an initiative by the Government of India to strengthen the Micro, small and Mid scale enterprises of India. MSME Registration offers numerous benefits to the organisations registered under it. MSME Registered companies can reap benefits like cheaper credit, easy loan approval, tax exemptions, etc. so that they can achieve growth at a much faster pace and without enduring hardships. However, to attain the MSME Registration certificate, one must satisfy the conditions laid and regulated by the MSMED Act. Although MSME Registration is completely voluntary, it is highly recommended to all business to get MSME registration done before the commencement of the business. The registration process is simple and hardly takes two days to get done.

MSME borrowers get Co-Lateral Free Loan from Banks.

In terms of an RBI, notification bans are mandated not to accept collateral security in the case of loans upto Rs 10 lakh extended to units in the MSE sector. Further, in terms of an RBI notification banks may, on the basis of good track record and financial position of MSE units, increase the limit of dispensation of collateral requirement for loans up to Rs.25 lakh with the approval of the appropriate authority.

Support Provided by the Ministry for enabling MSMEs to get Credit Rating.

The Ministry is implementing the Performance & Credit Rating Scheme, the main objective of the scheme is to provide a trusted third party opinion on the capabilities and creditworthiness of the MSEs so as to create awareness amongst them about the strengths and weakness of their existing operations.

Support available for Obtaining ISO Certification.

The Ministry is implementing the Certification Reimbursement Scheme for Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs) for reimbursement of certification expenses, only to those MSEs which have acquired Quality Management Systems (QMS)/ISO 9001 and /or Environment Management Systems (EMS)/ ISO14001and / or Food Safety Systems (HACCP) Certification. Under the scheme provides reimbursement
of 75% of the certification expenses is provided.(Maximum INR 75,000)